Why do I have a cxlist client account?

CXList was developed to provide communication between the client and the professional. The account allows you to keep the professional up to date on your availability for appointments.

How do I make changes to my client account?

There are two ways to update your account. The first is to login from the website using the link provided in each email from the provider to you. At the bottom of the message there is an "update availability" link that will take you directly to your account. The other way to make changes is to contact the professional's office and ask them to make changes for you from their professional login. If your email address was not given to the professional at sign up, contacting the office will be necessary. If you want to access the client account yourself, add the email address to your account by giving it to the professional.

What information is included in the client account?

The contact information given to the provider is listed as well as your preferences about which methods should be used to contact you. From the account, contact details can be edited for phone, sms and email information and preferences can be added or deleted using the preferences checkboxes. A client username and password are automatically generated at signup. The password can be changed to increase account security if you wish.
In addition, there are several availability settings used by the system so it knows when to contact you. These settings can be used to increase the number of notifications or to narrow them based on your need for appointments and willingness to come at a wider range of times.

What does Status mean?

The Status settings turn notifications on and off in the system. Ordinarily clients want to be Available to receive information about appointments. However, Hold can be used to stop notifications until the account is put back on Active status by the client. The Pause setting is useful if the client already has appointments and doesn't want to be notified for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. When the selected time period settings expire, Status is automatically changed back to Active.

What do the Availability settings do ?

Urgent automatically includes the client in every notification of openings sent by the professional. This is useful when the client has to have an appointment ASAP.
Call Me Today automatically notifies the client that day. It includes the client in all notifications on that date but expires at the end of the day. It can be reset as often as you wish. It is very helpful to use this setting when the client has the day off of work or school.
Weekly calendar shows the days that the professional sees clients. The client sets the calendar to show when notifications should be sent on each day of the week. When an appointment time matches an opening in the professional's schedule the client is included in notifications about the opening.

What does the "Update Settings" button do?

It saves any changes made to the client account during the login. If changes aren't saved the account settings will remain the same as before the login.

What does the "Email Support" link to the right do button do?

It contacts Cxlist staff about any problems you might be having with how the Cxlist system is working. It DOES NOT contact your professional. To contact the professional call or send an email to their office directly.