CXLIST.COM was created, tested and is currently being used by a group of behavioral health colleagues in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. They were frustrated by late cancellations in their schedules on days when they knew existing clients were waiting for those openings. Frequently a new patient would call and be placed in the 'just canceled' spot. This made the situation worse, by adding one more client who then couldn't find regular appointment times. Manual cancellation lists worked, but couldn't be used "after hours", took a lot of staff time, and always seemed to be out of date. So they looked to the Internet for a solution.

As the system was being developed they added more features, including appointment confirmations, no show followups, reminders for future appointments and other useful ways to communicate instantly with their client list. Now they are excited to share cxlist with other professionals who experience the same kinds of frustrations. They created an affordable system for colleagues on a managed care budget!

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