What is cxlist?

CXList was developed to provide continuity of care, priority and convenience to patients and providers.

CXLIST is an online communication tool that allows providers to communicate with their clientele about scheduled appointments and immediate openings due to cancellations. When your office gets a cancellation call, your existing patients who are waiting for openings get 'first dibs' on those appointments. CXLIST uses email, automated phone calls and SMS testing to inform your clients. Additionally it can do your confirmation calling for your scheduled appointments using phone, e-mail and text messaging. It can also cancel appointments in this manner. Clients can update their availability on cxlist online at any time to keep the professional informed about which appointments should be offered to them. They ask to be notified when certain days or times become available or take their name off a notification list. They can also call your front desk and request that you adjust this from your end.

Here's how it goes:

Patient wants late afternoon appointments and there are none currently available. He fills out his form to be notified when one becomes available. He gives you his e-mail address, and text messaging number. You enter these on CXLIST. You get a cancellation. You enter the cancellation date and time on CXLIST. All patients that match with this day or time pop up on list. You broadcast this list to these patients . Patient can call and reserve this newly available time. They get 'first dibs' prior to a new patient who calls in. They are very happy!

Who can use cxlist?

CXLIST can be used by any professional who regularly provides services by scheduled appointments to their clientele. Among others, cxlist can be used by physicians, dentists, allied health professionals, counselors, therapists, hair stylists, spas and many other personal service businesses such as educational and delivery services.

Why should I use cxlist?

CXLIST improves the productivity of the professional, increases availability to clients and dramatically reduces the time it takes for the professional or office staff to manage the daily schedule.

How do I subscribe and what does it cost?

Setting up a cxlist account is easy. Just click on the Subscribe link and use your email address and password to set up the professional login. Use a credit card on file to pay for the service (first 30 days is free!). Cancel at any time. Solo practices are $59.95/month. Groups are $59.95 per month for the first person and $29.95/month for each additional professional on the account. The monthly fee includes up to 500 calls and text messages; emails are free. High volume providers can purchase overage uses at $15. for 250 calls or texts. Overage uses do not expire; the balance is carried over until they are completely finished. That's all there is to it.

What do I need to do to get CXLIST working for my practice?

Just set up the account the way you want it to work, using the Account Details and Preferences links and then print out the customized Client Registration and Update forms. Have clients complete the forms as they visit and develop the Client List used to broadcast information. As the client list gets established, fewer and fewer calls will need to be made manually. Within a few weeks cxlist will be used for nearly all of your scheduling needs.

What if I need help?

CXLIST.com has online FAQs and a support Forum for dealing with many common issues. Email support is free. 1:1 telephone support is available for $25. per quarter hour consultation.

For information about pricing, click on the Pricing link above.

To register your practice on CXLIST.COM click on the Subscribe link above.

To try a demonstration of the cxlist notification system click on theTry It! link above.